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Ultra Kid


Ultra Kid is a game by Crescent Moon Games. This is a platformer game made first of all for the iPhone. The game features 3D jump and run levels aswells as classic 2D gameplay with a stylized 3D look to it. Additionally there are gameplay parts where you have to travel with your rocket through space and encounter different enemys. I have designed and created most of the assets for the space parts which also includes Ultra Kids rocket. Furthermore i have made level design for several levels in Unity 3D.


Crescent Moon Games Website:

Content: Ultra Kids Rocket, Various ships, Special dropship, Freighter, Spaceport, Fat Donald, Freezegun, Bitmap Planets


Ultra Kids Rocket:



Various ships:


Evil versions:



Special dropship:

Landing pose:







Fat Donald:

Owner of the spaceport and shopkeeper.




Bitmap Planets:


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