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Rodents Faction


A Character modification pack for the game "Unreal Tournament 3". I have won the 1st and 2nd Place in the best character category of the Make Something Unreal Contest phase 1.
10 mutated beefy Beasts pumped with weird drugs ready for some UT carnage! Altogether circa 100 parts to choose from. Features custom Physics, Gibs, Sounds, Materials and FPV Arms.


Content: All Characters, Ingame Screenshots, Bunny Head Sculpt, Mouse Breakdown, Carnage in UT3 Video , Ears Physics test Video


All Characters:


Ingame Screenshots:


Bunny Head Sculpt:

With Polypaint:


Mutated Mouse 3ds Max Breakdown:


Rodents Faction in UT3 carnage video:


Bunny ears physics test video:


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